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Here are "Jolie""MiMi" and "Nash". Since finishing their championships, they have been busy "rearing" babies and working on agility, tracking, earth dog and field events.
This is their mother, "Jennie",  their grandmother, "Harley"...
CH. Beldachs' Meri Amour D'Ami
...and their grandfather, "Edward".
CH. Beldachs' Nocturnal Nash
CH. Beldachs' Nouveau Narjot
"Rosie" (Pointed)
Beldachs' Rosee Robiquet
CH, Beldachs' Radiante Rosetti
CH. Beldachs' Passionate Picasso
CH. Beldachs' Persimmon Picasso
(left) Beldachs' Harley Homer (center) & Beldachs' Elan Derain (right)
CH. Beldachs' Ingenieux Inness