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“Ami” (12/28/83-9/23/01) was one of the last puppies renowned breeder Mary Howell (Bayard Kennels) bred and placed before she passed away. Mary was adamant that “Ami” went to a show home and so she came into my life as a brood bitch and also as a companion for my older Dachshund, “Casey”. A mischievous little puppy, she was often affectionately called “B3” (or the Bad, Black, B---h!) But, “Ami” soon matured and won me over heart  and soul!! She received her C.D. in 1987 and was the 10th highest scoring Dachshund in the country that same year. In 1993 at the  D.C.A. National Specialty in Allentown, Pa., she received her  C.G. (being one of the oldest  competitors and having one of  the fastest times in the tunnels).  She also received a Register of  Merit (R.O.M.) from The Dachshund  Club of America.
Casey's Belle Ami of Bayard, CD, CG, ROM
Full of vim and vigor until the age of 17 1/2, “Ami” always gave her children, grand children, and great-grand children a “run for their money” in the play yard  and she provided love and nurturing to any litter in the house.
“Ami” produced 9 beautiful, happy, healthy children including:
Ch. Beldachs’ Dandy Fritzhund
Ch. Beldachs’ Meri Cassatt, ROMX
Ch. Beldachs’ Cezanne Artiste &
Ch. Beldachs’ Magique Renoir
“Fritz” (10/12/86-1/29/00) was particularly  special to me - he was my first champion and was pointed and finished exclusively by me. Needless to say we taught each other a lot! I definitely was a green novice and he seemed to know that. There were even some Dachshund fanciers who thought I should either give him to a handler or give up. But together he and I persevered and, not only did “Fritz” finish, he finished with a 5 point major at the DFABC show!  I will always love “Fritz” dearly for that experience, because it gave me the confidence and determination to continue to owner- handle all of our “Beldachs” dogs.  "Fritz" sired three litters and one of his children became not only an American Champion, but also an International Champion.
CH. Beldachs' Dandy Fritzhund
“Fritz” was an active and successful “earth dog” and I often used him for demonstrations in the tunnels on my property when Beldachs’ hosted MWDC picnics or our own kennel reunion picnics. He  spent  most of his "senior"days relaxing and enjoying his elder status, but always loved to sniff out wildlife on the property and could  take my breath away when I watch how efficiently and smoothly he moved.
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